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Masbia Distributes $80,000 Worth of Passover Foods

BROOKLYN, NY -- April 16, 2012 -- This year, Masbia Soup Kitchens Network distributed $80,000 worth of Passover foods for single mothers and regular clients the week before Passover.

Close to 200 volunteers came to Masbia’s central kitchen to help prepare for three full days of Passover packages distribution-- packing up grocery bags chock full of high-quality Passover staples such as handmade matzo, grape juice, horseradish, nuts in the shell, walnut oil, fresh bunches of parsley roots, potato starch, gefilte fish, chicken, a variety of beef cuts, as well as a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. The matzo was donated in part by the Yechiel b”r Moshe Dov Lerner Matzo Fund and the IDT Charitable Fund. Several boxes of meat and poultry products were donated by Grow & Behold Kosher Pastured Meats. Also, Yaldah Magazine for Jewish girls donated copies of their latest issue for single mothers to take home to their daughters.

This year’s two-day Passover distribution for single mothers saw a 50% increase in client attendees from last year’s event. Close to a hundred single mothers attended Sunday, April 1st, and nearly two hundred more came on Monday, April 2nd. Every single mother was able to go home with at least $200 worth of groceries, if not more, to feed their families during Passover.

A lot of attention and care was taken to protect and respect the dignity of the mothers who came to the event. To help prevent any stigma that might be attached to bringing home “charity” groceries, all mothers were provided with grocery bags branded from high-end markets. Pomegranate, a high-end kosher Brooklyn supermarket donated 4,000 branded shopping bags and over 400 Pomegranate-labeled boxes. Trader Joe’s, a national supermarket chain, donated close to 1,000 Trader Joe’s branded shopping bags. A client was overheard by one of the Masbia staff saying, “It’s so nice of Pomegranate for donating these bags.” These are the special “extras” -- from the high quality of goods to the branded packaging – that make all the difference in the world for these single mothers who struggle daily to keep up and provide the best for their families.

On Wednesday, April 4th, Masbia also distributed Passover packages for regular clients and anyone else in need. Masbia of Flatbush and Masbia of Boro Park served and distributed packages to three times the number of their food pantries’ usual weekly clientele. The Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty found themselves flooded with last-minute requests for Passover assistance, and they directed these clients to Masbia`s Wednesday package distribution. To help accommodate for their last-minute clients, Met Council sent four pallets of groceries for Wednesday’s event, in addition to the truckload of food sent on Sunday.

Altogether, Masbia distributed $80,000 worth of Passover groceries to the poor and hungry over these three days before the holiday. This extraordinary charity distribution was made possible primarily through the large, generous donations privately made by a few outstanding philanthropic individuals in the community. Special thanks to our private individual donors, the volunteers from JCCA under the leadership of Margo Hanan, Yechiel b”r Moshe Dov Lerner Matzo Fund and the IDT Charitable Fund and the Chesed Foundation of America. Large quantities of food were also provided by Food Bank, City Harvest, and Met Council.


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