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Masbia Volunteer Application Form

Please fill out carefully and click Submit. The more information you give, the better we will be able to place you.
Please note there will be one more form to fill out to complete your online application process.
Contact Info
Volunteer Name: Title: First: Last:
Volunteer Address: Street Address: City: State: Zip:
Telephone Number(s):
Email Address:
Person to Call in the Event of an Emergency: Phone
We will use the following to find the most suitable volunteer activity for you and the organization. Please fill out as honestly as possible:
I am willing to assist with the following tasks:

Kitchen prep

Fundraising activities
Bussing tables Data entry/light clerical work
Waitering service Writing articles for newsletter     Proofreading publications
Dishwashing - silverware and dishes Phone calls to volunteers, clients or donors
Dishwashing scrubbing pots and pans Facility maintenance workdays (painting, carpentry, etc.)
Mopping and window cleaning Conducting research for development staff
Maitre d' hosting people as they walk in and seating them Organizing small parties and special events
Giving out fliers with our hours of operation and address to potential people in need Hand addressing envelopes to benefit events
I have the following special skills to contribute:
Masbia sites are open Sunday-Thursday from 3pm-10pm. The central kitchen is open Sunday-Thursday from 8:30am-1pm. If these times don't work for you we always have other volunteering opportunities to offer.
Neighborhood of interest: Boro Park Williamsburg Flatbush Rego Park
This application is for a(n): Individual Group
If group, please define number of adult and/or children: Adults Children
I am available to help at the following dates and times:
Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Mornings Afternoons Evenings
Any specific hours?
Are you looking for An ongoing opportunity Occasional opportunity One-time
Please be realistic with the hours you can commit. Not arriving to your time slot is detrimental to Masbia.
Describe what you want to get from your volunteer experience (feel free to check off more than one):

A sense of giving something back, of contributing to a good cause

Social events
Experiencing the face of hunger in our neighborhoods Interest in the work the organization does
Learning (and helping my children learn) to appreciate what I/we have Association with people I admire
Meet new people; professional networking  
I want to increase my skills in
Please describe your educational background:

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Note: After submitting this form you will receive a message containing our Volunteer Code of Conduct for you to review
as well as two more web forms to complete a Photo Release Form and a Confidentiality Release Form.


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