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Our Work


Our Work

Beyond the restaurant-style French door, polished parquet floor, and upscale décor, beats the heart of a true communal soup kitchen serving freshly cooked, warm and filling meals to everyone in need.

To truly understand the warm and dignified ambiance at Masbia would take a personal visit.  You are welcome to drop in anytime you’re in the area.  Until then, here is what you’d see:

An adult or child entering Masbia follows the welcoming red carpet that leads from the door to a table-sign-in stand.  With no questions asked, they enter their initials near an available table number and take a seat at a natural wood table and chairs, partitioned for privacy with tall, green-leafed plants.

The walls are decorated with moldings and sconces, and the table is set with salt, ketchup, soda, cups, and napkins.  An array of fresh breads, including whole wheat, is available on a side table, along with a choice of appetizers and hot and cold drinks.

Two waiters stand behind the serving buffet and serve hot soup and the main course, consisting of a protein, starch, and vegetable.  Every meal is followed by a refreshing dessert.

Masbia is open five days a week, from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and currently serves about 160 people every day.  For close to a year now, with the warm support of caring people in the community, Masbia has been able to open its doors on Yom Tov, serving beautiful meals in a true holiday atmosphere.

We hope to be open 3 times a day for Breakfast Lunch and Supper 7 days a week 365 days a year and at multiple locations.


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