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Our Partners

Announcing: Masbia's Community Partners Program!

Is your brand "kosher" when it comes to feeding the needy?

Since Masbia Soup Kitchen Network opened in 2005, many food companies, vendors and manufacturers have donated services and food to feed the hungry. Many of these companies have taken it to the next level, utilizing the idea of giving back to the community while enhancing their brand's reputation. Masbia's Community Partners Program was designed to work hand-in-hand with our commercial and community donors to give them the recognition they deserve.

To help build this ever-growing network, Masbia’s newly created Community Partners Program works to establish long term relationships with local businesses, schools and organizations who commit to provide financial resources, in-kind gifts and services to our organization. Becoming a Masbia Community Partner is a unique opportunity to support our neighbors in need while gaining a sense of community achieved only through being a part of something bigger.

To allow for all organizations, regardless of size or budget, an equal opportunity to participate in Masbia’s Community Partners Program, we have established a point system based on levels of involvement. Each level of involvement allows for greater recognition and partnership opportunities. Click HERE to get involved and learn more!


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