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Matching Funds Matching Funds Investors Bank wants to feed the needy together with you. In response to Masbia's distress call of experiencing empty shelves when there is a great need for food, investors Bank is responding to the call, by offering to match dollar to dollar, every dollar raised...Read More

Charoset Drive Charoset Drive Sponsor the sweet ingredients needed to prepare charoset, along with fresh and nutritious Kosher for Passover staples to help ease the bitterness of those in need. With your help, so many people will be able to celebrate Passover without being enslaved by hunger...Read More

The Joy of Giving with "Joy of Kosher" Everyone enjoys sharing with others, and everyone finds comfort in good food. Cookbook author Jamie Geller and Masbia are giving you the opportunity to find joy in both. At the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network we fight hunger one meal at a time, and we need your help...Read More

Masbia Table Piece A Piece of the Table for a Place at the Table Masbia Wooden Holder Half a million meals in one year is a whole lot food to supply to the hungry men, women, and children of New York. Which is why, here at the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, we need to use every resource down to the last bit. From gathering leftover produce at farmers markets, to utilizing reusable cooking pans, to composting, we’re all about recycling...Read More

Masbia Cook Book Join Esther Deutsch in eating well and sharing with the hungry. I am writing to you as the author of CHIC Made Simple, a new cookbook that features easy, yet dazzling recipes. The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy left many homeless and so many more lacking the ability to provide a hot nutritious meal to feed their families. They were not left stranded—Masbia was there, feeding thousands in their time of hardship. I felt compelled to volunteer along with hundred others and witnessed firsthand the tremendous need that Masbia fulfills...Read More

Donate to Feed Warm Meals to Victims of Superstorm Sandy Since Hurricane Sandy struck New York City, Masbia has transformed from a restaurant style soup kitchen to a disaster relief center. We have gone from serving 500 meals to serving well over 3,000 in the last several days. We have had the help of hundreds of volunteers, and also generous donations, but every day we are still struggling financially to feed those who lost everything in the superstorm.... Read More

Join Masbia for a Bike Marathon Sunday, October 21st 2012 October 21st, take part in a challenging ride to New Jersey, wear a brand jersey sporting Masbia`s name, or just enjoy a beautiful Autumn day with your family while you help to feed hungry people at Masbia. Now we just need as many people as possible to register! One of our supporters and volunteers is helping to set up a full scale bike marathon, with levels for all riders, that will include a rather arduous journey to New Jersey, as well as a short peaceful ride through Prospect Park.... Read More

"Build Abraham's Tent" Contest for Children This year, for the first time ever, Masbia Soup Kitchens is holding an arts and crafts contest for all children ages 5 to 13 to commemorate the week of "Vayaira," which according to the Hebrew calendar is the week used to study Genesis 18, the story of Abraham feeding the hungry. Caring for the poor has been part of Jewish traditional culture since Abraham and Sarah first opened all four sides of their tent to welcome all who passed by in need of food and drink, from whichever direction... Read More

Sukkos Sukkot Sukkah food for the hungry In the spirit of the High Holidays, help those less fortunate. Our campaign for this season of Jewish Holy Days, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and ending with Sukkot, will bring food to the hungry during a particularly difficult time for many men, women and children. Help those less fortunate, by donating to Masbia. Or by greeting your own loved ones with custom Rosh Hashanah cards, with proceeds that go to feed the hungry! ... Read More

"Everyone in Need, Should Come and Eat" It is a beautiful, revered Jewish tradition to start every Seder saying, "Everyone in Need, Should Come and Eat." We honor this tradition every Passover, but how often do we think about what this saying actually means? What would it take from each and every one of us to help make this saying a reality for every hungry man, woman, and child in need on Passover? ... Read More

Celebrate Purim with Masbia! In the spirit of Mishloach Manot and Matanot La’Evyonim, celebrate Purim with Masbia this year and share these days of feasting and gladness with the hundreds of hungry men, women and children who come through Masbia’s doors everyday. You can help Masbia spread the gladness of Purim in a number of ways... Read More

Give someone a miracle today. For many people who have to struggle every day to find food, these cold winter months is the hardest time of the year. Just to make it to the next day is a small miracle. And for many people, this everyday miracle is all they need-- help to survive just a few more days or weeks until they can get back on their feet.

Donate now and give someone a miracle. If you make your charitable year-end donation before December 31st, you may receive significant tax advantages for 2011... Read More


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