Sponsor DIY Challah Ingredient Kits - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

You have an opportunity to give a mother the chance to bake her own challah. Masbia Soup Kitchen Network distributes emergency food packages every week. With your help, Masbia wants to include special DIY Challah ingredient kits. For every $8 you donate, Masbia can purchase a set of the 5 basic shelf-stable challah ingredients: High gluten flour 5lb., sugar 1lb., salt 26oz., dry yeast (3) 1/4oz. packets, oil 8.5oz. Every set of ingredients typically yields five challahs. Masbia needs to close to 2,000 kits weekly all year round and the demand is even greater before holidays.

Give $8 to sponsor one kit, $24 sponsors three kits, $80 gives ten, $144 is chai eighteen, $320 sponsors one hour of pantry distribution, which is forty challah kits (35 families), $800 sponsors a hundred challah kits, $8,000 sponsors a thousand kits, and $16,000 will sponsor two thousand kits, which is what we need for the holidays. To learn more about other Masbia seasonal giving opportunities, click here.

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