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Make a New Year Resolution for the High Holidays & Say Proudly:
"I fill empty plates at Masbia"

Our campaign for this season of Jewish Holy Days, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur and ending with Sukkot, was inspired by a true story about a little boy who came to a Masbia soup kitchen on the evening of Rosh Hashanah, asking for paper plates. To read the whole story, click here!

The High Holidays marks the beginning of the New Year in the Jewish calendar, and the New Year is the time for us to pledge to do more -- to give more, to help more, and to feed more people. Right now, there is a child near you who is suffering from hunger; a senior citizen who cannot get a meal; a parent who has just lost their job and cannot buy food to feed their family. You can help people who are hungry and in need right now, by making a High Holidays donation to Masbia. In this past fiscal year alone, Masbia served 165,817 free meals. Give now so we can continue to feed those who most need our help.

Join the fight against hunger now by becoming a Masbia monthly sustainer, and make a monthly commitment for the year. Pledge $6 a month for the year, and you will be buying someone a meal every month. Pledge $108 a month, and 18 people suffering from hunger could find relief. You will be buying the nutritious meals and giving much needed sustenance to those who are less fortunate. Whatever you can give to mark the New Year, whether it be a one-time donation or a monthly commitment, know that you are helping us feed hundreds of children, adults, and senior citizens everyday.

Masbia Fill Empty Plates High Holidays Campaign
People should not have to scavenge for
food in a dumpster.

The pledge card on the right shows an empty paper plate, representing someone who still needs a meal. This card (printed on heavy cardstock, color, matte finish) is your New Year resolution to support Masbia for one year to be signed by you and Masbia.
  • Decide how much you can give, and fill out the online donation form below.
  • We will then mail you the card signed by Alexander Rapaport, the executive director on behalf of Masbia.
  • You can then sign your name and proudly display your pledge on your desk, your wall, or your home refrigerator.
$6.00 1 meal /mo
Masbia New Year Resolution Card
(Click on the image for full size)
$12.00 2 meals /mo
$18.00 3 meals /mo
$24.00 4 meals /mo
$30.00 5 meals /mo
$36.00 6 meals /mo
$42.00 7 meals /mo
$48.00 8 meals /mo
$54.00 9 meals /mo
$60.00 10 meals /mo
Other Amount

*There is a minimum donation of $36 for each acknowledgment to be mailed.
For those who become Masbia monthly sustainers of $108/mth or more, we have a special gift handcrafted especially in your honor.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with award-winning designer Virginia Sin, who will be creating a special limited 2012 edition of her notable ceramic "paper" plates, featured in magazines such as Martha Stewart Living and Food and Wine. You will receive this limited edition inscribed with the words:
"I fill empty plates at Masbia."
Shana Tovah!

$108.00 18 meals /mo Virginia Sin Limited Edition Gift For Masbia
$216.00 36 meals /mo
$324.00 54 meals /mo
$432.00 72 meals /mo
$540.00 90 meals /mo
Other Amount
One-time donations of $1,296 or more are also eligible to receive a Virginia Sin limited edition ceramic paper plate.
** Offer ends October 28, 2011.
I do not wish to receive a gift
1 meal
1 meal at each site (4 meals)
10 meals
18 meals
60 meals
72 meals
100 meals
250 meals
360 meals
500 meals
720 meals
1,000 meals

1 Day
1 Week
1 Month
Other Amount



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Please make checks payable to MASBIA, and mail to:
Masbia P.O. Box 191181 Brooklyn NY 11219


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