Masbia on New York Public Radio (WNYC): Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Preparing For Sukkat

The Masbia of BoroPark Sukkah to Feed The Needy during Sukkot was featured on WNYC by Sean Carlson. Masbia Chef Ruben Diaz was interviewed by Emily Lang.  
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Masbia in the Adamah Treasures Review: A Treasure for Those Who Like a Challenge

Read the article below, written by Emily Paster published in, about Masbia's Executive Director Alexander Rapaport, and Christian farmer Lee Jones have lunch a campaign together. Masbia Soup Kitchen, published “Adamah Treasures: A Kosher Adaptation of Recipes from ‘The Chef’s Garden’ Cookbook.” The adaptation was possible thanks to Chef Jordana Hirschel of Masbia, along with two other noted kosher chefs, Bryan Gryka and Joshua Massin, who worked together with Chef Jamie Simpson.
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Masbia Relief In The Hamodia: Masbia Brings Meals to Co-Op Damaged by Ida

Read the story below by Reuvain Borchardt, published in The Hamodia, about a desperate voicemail of a manager building asking for help after Hurricane Ida took away all tenants' belongings. Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia, felt very touched and brought relief to the needy.
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Masbia Relief In The NY Jewish Week's Daily News Letter

Chefs from the Masbia Relief Team cooked up a pop-up hot dinner for victims of Hurricane Ida at their building complex on Grand Central Parkway in Forest Hills, Queens, on Sept. 9, 2021. The kosher pantry also distributed 20,000 pounds of shelf-stable grocery food at the complex, where one person died, four low-lying apartments and dozens of cars were destroyed, and 420 families were stranded with no hot water and no elevator.
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Masbia On CBS New York: Feeding The Needy During Rosh Hashana

The anchor of CBS New York, Kristine Johnson, presents reporter Thalia Perez at Masbia Boro Park in Brooklyn. Thalia Perez reports about Masbia staff getting ready for the Rosh Hashana celebration post-pandemic. Chef Ruben Diaz and other staff members prepare dinner for the coming clients for the beginning of the Rosh Hashanah. Alexander Rapaport, Masbia ED, was interviewed before the celebration started.
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Masbia On News12: Feeding The Needy With Dignity On Rosh Hashana

The anchor of News12 Brooklyn, Asha McKenzie, introduces reporter Zhané Caldwell at Masbia Boro Park in Brooklyn, featuring Masbia staff preparation for the Rosh Hashana celebration for the first time after the pandemic. Our ED, Alexander Rapaport, stated that during this Rosh Hashana, no one would be left behind. Masbia staff is working hard to have it all ready for the beginning of the celebration.
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Masbia Relief Mentioned In The Washington Post: 'Insular' Orthodox Jews Mobilize To Save Lives, From Haiti To Kabul

Read the article below by Rabbi Avi Shafran, published in The Washington Post, about the Hasidic Jewish community helping Haiti after being hit by a 7.2 earthquake that has claimed more than 2000 Haitians lives. Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia, urged his fellow Jews to participate in the Haiti Relief Campaign.
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Masbia In Mishpacha: Masbia's ED Alexander Rapaport Interviewed In Mishpacha On Tzimmes For Rosh Hashanah

Read the interview below by Barbara Bensoussan, published in Mishpacha on Tzimmes, to learn about preparing tzimmes for Rosh Hashanah explained by Masbia ED, Alexander Rapaport, who also tells the story about tzimmes becoming popular. We added a lot of Photos from our archive.
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Masbia Relief In The Patch: Local Yeshiva Students Help Pack Donations For Haiti

Read the article below by Lanning Taliaferro, published in the Patch, about food and hygiene items loaded into shipping containers that will be sent to Haiti. Thanks to the New York’s Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities, the Haiti community of Spring Valley Village, including Masbia Soup Kitchen lead by Alexander Rapaport, Haitians in Haiti will get the relief products soon.
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Masbia Relief In Hamodia: Jewish Community Donates Items To Haiti Earthquake Victims

Read the article below, published in Hamodia, to learn about the massive amount of food and hygiene items that the Jewish community has donated to Haiti due to the recent earthquake that has devastated the country. Our Masbia Soup Kitchen's ED Alexander Rapaport headed out to Spring Valley to bring help to Haitians as a part of the campaign Masbia Relief to help Haitians.
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