Volunteers Distribute Hot Food To Neighbors Stranded By The Winter Storm

BY ALEX ELLEFSON  ON JANUARY 25, 2016 Volunteers prepare the food packages at City Councilman Chaim Deutsch’s office. (Photo:Councilman Chaim Deutsch / Facebook) More than 100 volunteers, including members of Flatbush Shomrim, fanned out around Sheepshead Bay on Sunday to deliver hot meals to elderly and disabled neighbors trapped by this weekend’s record-breaking blizzard. The effort was coordinated by City Councilman Chaim Deutsch, who reached out to theMasbia Soup Kitchen to prepare the food. The blizzard — one of the worst to ever hit New York City — blanketed Deutsch’s district with almost 27 inches of snow, the councilman said. 
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Brooklyn, NY - Snowbound Seniors: Deutsch Distributing Masbia Meals To Homebound Residents Share Tweet Share Mail

January 24, 2016 08:56 AM New York - A Brooklyn city councilman will be on the city’s snow-clogged streets Sunday with his staffers, delivering food packages from a local soup kitchen to the elderly. City Councilman Chaim Deutsch is partnering with Masbia and Flatbush Shomrim to distribute meals to residents in his district.  In an email sent to his constituents on Friday, Deutsch asked for anyone interested in the emergency food package to contact his office.
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NY1: Brooklyn Food Pantry Network in Serious Need of Donations

By Roger ClarkUpdated Friday, January 22, 2016 at 12:42 PM EST A network of Brooklyn food pantries is in trouble, and is urgently asking for donations. Shelves are bare at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, which has been providing food to the needy at three locations around the city for the past decade. The charity serves more than a million and a half meals every year, but says their supplies are at their lowest point in four years. Heavy snow is expected in the city this weekend, and the group says it needs to make sure their clients have nutritious meals to eat. "When it's the middle of the winter and it's not some holiday or something, people are not so focused on the needs of the needy. Then when there's less surplus of fresh produce, which is in the winter, a few things coming together and our shelves are empty," said Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Executive Director Alex Rapaport. "We're supposed to have at least 16 thousand pounds of frozen vegetables, and now it's empty. Even our freezer is empty of protein, and that's the most important part of this kitchen," said Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Chef Ruben Diaz. For more information and details on how to donate, visit masbia.org.
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Brooklyn, NY - Masbia: Food Supplies Low As Storm Approaches

January 21, 2016 03:43 PM One of the volunteers prepare food at Masbaia Soup Kitchen Brooklyn, NY - The New York City charity Masbia (MAHZ’-bee-uh) says the grocery bags it’s distributing to families before the storm are a lot lighter than usual. Executive Director Alexander Rapaport says the charity’s “gap between supply and demand” is at the lowest point in four years. Up to 1,500 families were expected to line up Thursday at Masbia’s kosher soup kitchens for a grocery bag. Rapaport said volunteers would “make sure that everyone gets at least something.” He said donations are used to purchase beans, rice, peanut butter, flour, carrots and other staples.
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Masbia Soup Kitchen Reports Severe Food Shortage

By Isser Berg Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 3:01 pm | י"א שבט תשע"ו The Masbia soup kitchen on Coney Island Ave. in Midwood. (Alexander Rappaport) NEW YORK - Masbia soup kitchen is reporting a severe food shortage, warning that needy families will receive just the barest basics for this weekend’s food packages. “Sadly, the only protein that families who rely on Masbia will be getting in this weekend’s food packages will be dry beans,” said Alexander Rappaport, Executive Director of Masbia, in an interview with Hamodiaon Thursday.  
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Forward: Masbia Seeks New Home for Kosher Soup

Yes, Masbia is looking for a new space in Queens. But first, how about more plates and napkins? Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, the New York organization that feeds the needy in a dignified, restaurant-like setting, may soon be displaced from at least one of its three locations. “We will most probably stop operating our Rego Park location at the end of January,” said Alexander Rapaport, executive director of Masbia. “We hope to have another place by then. There might be a break of a few days, but we don’t see it as a big break.”    Read More Here    
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Queens Gazette: Ruben Diaz

by Nicollette Barsamian Ruben Diaz is the kosher chef at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. The network has three locations: two are in Brooklyn – Borough Park and Flatbush, and the third is located at 98-08 Queens Boulevard, Rego Park, which garners the heaviest volume of food insecure visitors served by the network.          
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Patrick Jean-Baptiste testifies at NYC Council hearing on Hunger

  Introduction First, I want to start by thanking Councilman Levin, Chair of General Welfare Committee, for giving Masbia Soup Kitchen Network the opportunity to come here today and talk about some issues that us and many other soup kitchens face here in New York City. My name is Patrick Jean- Baptiste and I have been involved with Masbia since 2012. I started as a volunteer, but now I am currently the site coordinator for our Flatbush location in Brooklyn. Masbia is a soup kitchen network comprised of three locations spread throughout Queens and Brooklyn.
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Bric TV: Masbia Soup Kitchen Feeds Brooklyn's Hungry | BK Stories

December 3, 2015  
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Holy smoke! Rabbi has a way with cholent

by Johanna GinsbergNJJN Staff Writer November 4, 2015 Following the scent of smoked ribs, brisket, and cholent wafting through the entryway of Ahawas Achim B’nai Jacob & David on a recent Friday, a visitor found Rabbi Adam Gindea in the West Orange synagogue’s kitchen. He pulled a giant vat out of the oven; inside, beef, beans, barley, potatoes, and some “secret ingredients” were stewing and marrying their flavors.   
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