Virtual Food Drive to Feed The Needy at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network by Kate Gribetz

$10,534.00 raised of $5,400.00

For $54 you can give a family of four an emergency food box. My goal is to sponsor at least 100 boxes ($5,400) full of food groups; protein, starch, fruits and vegetables.  

"I was sitting at home glued to the TV, watching election coverage and COVID updates on the news, when a segment came on about a single mother who recently lost her job due to the pandemic, and now struggles to feed her 3 children. She cried on camera, as she showed empty shelves in her kitchen pantry that were once filled when she worked full time. She had applied to over 50 jobs, but as the pandemic raged on, no one would hire her. As a new mother, worried about all the anxieties that come with a newborn, as well as trying to keep my family safe and healthy during this pandemic, I couldn’t imagine having to worry about literally feeding my family. No mother should ever have to worry where their child’s next meal will come from, and no individual should ever be deprived of this most basic necessity. Feeling helpless while on maternity leave, away from the hospital environment, I felt compelled to do something. Masbia is an incredible organization that has been providing food for thousands of people during this pandemic, and my hope is that through them, we can continue to provide food for those in need." - Kate Gribetz 

Masbia's Pandemic Food relief in the news: NY Times, PIX 11Jewish WeekFox5, NY Public Radio, and NY1.

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Current Donors

Lisa Gribetz donated $100.00
Erica Schwartz donated $180.00
Britt Zaffir donated $54.00
gabriel and tamar feder donated $108.00
David and Ruthie donated $270.00
Joyce and Daniel Straus donated $540.00
Margot Marans donated $54.00
Lizzy TRump donated $180.00
Danny & Dalia Panzer donated $54.00
Sam Schwartz donated $54.00
Beverly Gribetz donated $54.00
Toby Perl Freilich donated $108.00
Diana Lipton donated $360.00
חנה גריבץ donated $180.00
Naomi Schacter donated $100.00
Daniella Rohr donated $270.00
Michael Cinamon donated $180.00
Carrie Stieglitz donated $54.00
Barbara Paris donated $54.00
Jessica Gribetz donated $540.00
David Tykocinski donated $100.00
Aliza Howard donated $54.00
Margot Marans donated $54.00
Blayne and Scott Mathias donated $108.00
Emily Hoenig donated $54.00
isaac koren donated $216.00
Ilana and Raffi Rosenzweig donated $54.00
Zachary Helprin donated $250.00
Erica Kestenbaum donated $54.00
Naomi Kruger donated $54.00