Challah Ingredients Drive For 200 Needy Families - Leora Nachman Bat Mitzvah Project - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

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Challah is a very basic food staple in a Jewish household. In fact, for many people, the smell of freshly baked challah is the scent of Shabbat itself. Therefore, making sure people have the ability to make challah is something that is very important to us at Masbia. That's why Masbia tries to include it as one of the basic staples in the 2,000 emergency food packages that are distributed to the needy every week. Masbia calls them DIY (Do It Yourself) Challah Ingredient Kits. These kits are made up of the shelf-stable items that are needed to make challah. The kits include flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and oil. All these items are basic household staples that people can use to make challah or if they choose, use them to cook or bake something else. At my Bat Mitzvah, I plan to be assembling with my friends, 200 of these DIY challah kits. To learn more about the Challah kits, check out the Masbia blog post here.

Help me reach my goal of helping 200 mothers have the chance to bake their own challah. Every $8 you donate gets us a set of the 5 basic shelf-stable challah ingredients that my friends and I will assemble at my Bat Mitzvah.

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