Masbia Relief On News12: Volunteers With MASBIA Soup Kitchen Provide Thanksgiving Dinner For Residents

Posted on: November 25, 2021

The anchor of News12Phil Taitt, presents reporter Carolyn Blackburne about Masbia Soup Kitchen Network and Flatbush volunteers coming together to help residents that have lost their ability to cook a Thanksgiving dinner because of a fire earlier this month. Masbia’s Chef Ruben Diaz talked about the nice surprise in a tough time.

Volunteers were lending a helping hand Thursday by providing a Thanksgiving dinner for people living in an apartment building that went up in flames.

Volunteers with MASBIA Soup Kitchen doled out some Thanksgiving favorites after residents lost their ability to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for themselves because of an apartment fire earlier this month.

News 12’s Carolyn Blackburne talks with residents on why they are grateful for the volunteers and this year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

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