Please Feed the Needy this Passover Season. Help Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Distribute $2,232,000 Worth of Food. Sponsor Kosher Food Today

$639,935.58 raised of $2,232,000.00

Throughout the Passover season, Masbia expects to serve 20,000 families through raw food distributions, which will include special holiday staples for families to be able to prepare their own Seder and Kosher for Passover meals. Masbia will also serve 4,000 ready-to-eat meals on Passover during the days of Passover for those who are unable to prepare food for themselves. We need to raise $2,232,000 to cover the food (this does not include other costs). 100% of this money will be spent on food.

Passover 2021 Masbia feeding the needy during the pandemic

Please feed the needy today and sponsor meals, packages, or both! For your convenience, we also accept donations via Venmo and Paypal. Masbia's work in the News here

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Diane Pollack donated $36.00
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