Press Advisory: The Launching of Jewish & Haitian neighborhoods working together to bring urgent relief to Haiti

NY’s Jewish Community working together to bring relief to Haiti after the 2021 earthquake. NYS Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein (D-Brooklyn), Rockland County Legislator Aaron Weider (D-Spring Valley), and Alexander Rapaport, ED of Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, together with community and faith leaders of the Haitian community will announce the launch of a drive for Haiti relief. The drop-off for needed items at the local Haitian social service organization that plan to travel to Haiti with the supplies, Konbit Neg Lakay, 16 East Church St. Spring Valley, New York 10977. Those all over America who want to join can go to and buy much-needed items from the Amazon Wish List or make a tax-deductible donation and help pay for the shipping and travel costs, as well as buying needed supplies. Many partnerships are still in the process of being made. Over a million dollars worth of hand sanitizer, surface wipes, and shelf-stable food have already been pledged to this effort by members of the Jewish community. What: NY’s Jewish Community working together to bring relief to Haiti after the 2021 earthquake. Over a million dollars worth of hand sanitizer, surface wipes, and shelf-stable food have already been pledged to this effort by members of the Jewish community.  When: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 11:00 AM Where: Village of Spring Valley 200 N Main St Spring Valley NY, 10977 Contact: Alexander Rapaport [email protected] 718-972-4446 x301  Website: Twitter: @Masbia
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Ohio Farmer Helping Kosher Soup Kitchen In New York

Farmer Lee Jones released his masterpiece cookbook called The Chef’s Garden earlier this year in April. It is now being offered as a gift for people who sponsor food to feed the needy at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. 
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Anonymous Donor Sends $50k For Each Masbia Location ($150k) With One Condition:

by Laura N. Allen An anonymous donor sent Masbia $50,000 for each Masbia site (which is in total $150,000) via their accountant. The donation included a note on behalf of this anonymous donor requesting that Masbia deposits the money only after raising the same amount from the public - in other words, it needs to be used as a matching donation.
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Masbia Announces New Tech Support Hotline For Breadline Modernization Transition to Appointments

by Laura N. Allen New York, NY -- Sept 2nd, 2020 --  September begins the seventh month of the COVID-19 emergency food relief at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network. It will also be the beginning of a concerted effort to modernize the breadline. Due to the unprecedented 500% increase in demand since the start of the pandemic, the breadlines have been snaking around the block with hundreds of people on the lines at each of the Masbia locations. Moving to an appointment system is a way to give people back their dignity, safety, and their time, since they won't have to wait for hours on the line.
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Press Release: Masbia & Eichlers of Boro Park Announce “On-Tab Groceries” for Families Who Lost Their Breadwinner During The Outbreak

Masbia of Boro Park and owner of the Boro Park New Eichler's Judaica Bookstore, Mordy Getz, launched an initiative to support newly widowed mothers with children who were left without their main breadwinner due to the coronavirus outbreak. Any surviving spouse with children of a breadwinner who fell victim to Covid 19 since Purim 2020, will have a free “tab” in a local Boro Park grocery, until the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashana.
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Press Release & Pics: The Swelling Hunger Wave is On a Huge Curve After Four Weeks of the Work Shutdown

New York, NY -- Masbia Soup Kitchen Network in New York City is bracing for an even greater increase in demand. While demand was accelerating since the outbreak and unprecedented bread lines were forming daily, the hunger wave is about to hit its biggest curve.
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Double Emergency Food at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network and all Hot Dinner Served TO-GO

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network announces changes to regular services. While hours of operations will remain the same, clients who will come for raw grocery food to take home, will be allowed to take up to 14 days worth of food, regularly people are allowed to take 3-7 days worth of food. The pantry giveaway allows clients to come every 7 days. Now we ask them to come every 14 days. The daily hot dinner will no longer be served as a sit-in meal, it will be packaged to go. 
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Press Release--2/9/20--12 Year Old Raises Challah Baking Food Staples For Her Bat Mitzvah at Masbia

12-year-old Leora, daughter of star and cookbook author Naomi Nachman, is raising money for ingredients to make Challah bread to feed a thousand families in need, ahead of her Bat Mitzvah. On Sunday, February 9th, Leora and her friends will volunteer at Masbia of Flatbush and assemble the first 300 DIY Challah Ingredient Kits. 
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Gefen, Glick's, Kedem, Kayco Launch Purim Passover Season by Donating a Truckload of Food to Feed the Needy at Masbia

Boro Park, Brooklyn -- Wednesday morning, March 6, Masbia's ED Alexander Rapaport wrote an e-mail to Barry, one of the warehouse managers at Kayco, the distributor for Kedem, Gefen, Glick's, and others, explaining that the inventory at Masbia of Boro Park is very low, and asking if they can help share some food. By the end of the day, there was a delivery of 12 pallets of food in front of Masbia of Boro Park, with more to come next week. 
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Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Venturing Into Group Appointments Via Synagogue Partnerships

New York City -- March 5, 2018 -- In the last few months, Masbia has been reaching out to different organizations and synagogues to create a time slot for their members to pick up weekly food packages. It started with the Flatbush location and then ventured to the Boro Park location and will soon start at the Forest Hills, Queens location. With the help of the new "Plentiful" software, almost all intake will eventually happen by appointment and eliminate breadlines altogether. 
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