Double Emergency Food at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network and all Hot Dinner Served TO-GO

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network announces changes to regular services. While hours of operations will remain the same, clients who will come for raw grocery food to take home, will be allowed to take up to 14 days worth of food, regularly people are allowed to take 3-7 days worth of food. The pantry giveaway allows clients to come every 7 days. Now we ask them to come every 14 days. The daily hot dinner will no longer be served as a sit-in meal, it will be packaged to go. 
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Press Release--2/9/20--12 Year Old Raises Challah Baking Food Staples For Her Bat Mitzvah at Masbia

12-year-old Leora, daughter of star and cookbook author Naomi Nachman, is raising money for ingredients to make Challah bread to feed a thousand families in need, ahead of her Bat Mitzvah. On Sunday, February 9th, Leora and her friends will volunteer at Masbia of Flatbush and assemble the first 300 DIY Challah Ingredient Kits. 
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Gefen, Glick's, Kedem, Kayco Launch Purim Passover Season by Donating a Truckload of Food to Feed the Needy at Masbia

Boro Park, Brooklyn -- Wednesday morning, March 6, Masbia's ED Alexander Rapaport wrote an e-mail to Barry, one of the warehouse managers at Kayco, the distributor for Kedem, Gefen, Glick's, and others, explaining that the inventory at Masbia of Boro Park is very low, and asking if they can help share some food. By the end of the day, there was a delivery of 12 pallets of food in front of Masbia of Boro Park, with more to come next week. 
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Masbia Soup Kitchen Network Venturing Into Group Appointments Via Synagogue Partnerships

New York City -- March 5, 2018 -- In the last few months, Masbia has been reaching out to different organizations and synagogues to create a time slot for their members to pick up weekly food packages. It started with the Flatbush location and then ventured to the Boro Park location and will soon start at the Forest Hills, Queens location. With the help of the new "Plentiful" software, almost all intake will eventually happen by appointment and eliminate breadlines altogether. 
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Queens Soup Kitchen Renovation To Be Completed By Huge Donation From

What: A crew will donate and assemble furniture for the soup kitchen to be able to feed the needy at the newly renovated site.When: Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PMWhere: Masbia of Queens 105-47 64th Rd. Forest Hills, NY, 11375 (64th Rd. Corner 108th St. next to Citi Bank)Contact: Alexander Rapaport,, 718-972-4446 x301Website: masbia.orgTwitter: @masbia
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KJ Poultry Donates 5,000 lbs of Turkey to Feed the Needy in the Lead-up to Thanksgiving and Kosherfest

KJ Poultry donated 5,000 pounds of turkey to Masbia in the lead up to Thanksgiving and Kosherfest.
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Three Way Partnership to Feed the Needy on Sukkos Masbia, Shomrei Shabbos, Herzog Family

Brooklyn, NY -- Masbia's quest for a Sukkah to feed the needy brings the first three-way partnership between Masbia of Boro Park, a Kosher soup kitchen and food pantry; Congregation Shomrei Shabbos, Boro Park's 24-hour synagogue; and the Herzog family, well known for their Herzog wine cellars and Kayco, the leading Kosher distributor of Gefen, Glick’s and Hadar products.
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5,000 lbs of Fish from Banner: A Special Nine-Days Food Donation

#### New York (Brooklyn), NY -- Thursday, July 27, 2017 --  Masbia Soup Kitchen Network received a huge delivery of Kosher fish from Banner Smoked Fish to feed the hungry with dignity at the restaurant-style soup kitchen and food pantry.  "Kosher protein is always a challenge for us", said Alexander Rapaport, ED of Masbia. "And on the nine-days of mourning, that challenge is even greater, since beef and poultry is not an option." The first nine days of the Hebrew month of Av are halachically restricted from consuming meat and wine in commemoration and mourning of the destruction of the first and second temple that happened on the ninth day of Av, which falls this year on Tuesday, August 1st. 
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JTA: In first for Masbia, soup kitchen opens for seders

By Ben Hartman April 7, 2017 3:36pm From right to left, Alexander Rapaport, co-founder of the Masbia Soup Kitchen, with Yisroel Bass, director of the Yiddish Farm, and an employee of Organic Circle, an all-kosher organic supermarket in Brooklyn, with organic horseradish for the seder. (Courtesy of Masbia) This story is sponsored by Masbia. NEW YORK — It’s not easy making Passover seder. There’s the cleaning, the cooking, the logistical and emotional challenges of hosting guests. Then there’s the cost. For some, the challenges are insurmountable. That’s why Masbia — a soup kitchen in Borough Park, Brooklyn, meant to resemble a restaurant experience — decided this year that for the first time it will open on Passover to host the seders. This despite the challenges of making the facility kosher for Passover and finding volunteers willing to give up the holiday with their own families to help staff seders for the needy. The idea is to give guests not just a warm seder meal but a warm embrace.
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Giving Tuesday: Here are 8 ways to help feed the needy now

A view of the Masbia food kitchen on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn. (Courtesy of Masbia)   1. As the person responsible for paying the bills at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, providing over 2,000,000 meals a year, the best way to assist me and the thousands of volunteers who feed the people in need is by making a simple monetary online donation. To find out how your donation becomes part of the 2,000,000 meals, click here.
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