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Masbia Soup Kitchen Network is best known for our restaurant-style hot daily dinner. The meal, which is served by volunteer waiters,  includes a starter salad, beverage, soup, a protein (like chicken or fish), two hot side dishes and dessert. We place great emphasis on serving our clients with dignity and respect, seen both in the food we serve and in the restaurant-like setting in which it is served. Providing these meals requires immense resources including a full-time kitchen and chef, hundreds of weekly volunteers to prepare food, greet the guests and serve the clients. Our hot dinner service caters to the old and frail, the homeless and people who are in a crisis situation with no means to cook for themselves. We serve roughly 2,000 hot dinners each week out of our three locations.

$6 sponsors one hot dinner, $24 sponsors a family of four, $108 sponsors 18 meals, $300 sponsors 50 meals, $1,080 sponsors 180 meals, $12,000 sponsors an entire week.

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