Masbia’s charoset drive is all about feeding the needy on Passover. On the Seder Plate, the charoset is used to sweeten the bitter herb. With your help, Masbia will try to sweeten the holiday for so many needy men, women and children. Charoset is not only a metaphor here. The emergency food packages will include ingredients to make charoset in addition to many other essential foods.

This year, Masbia of Boro Park will be open for the first time on Passover with Kosher-for-Passover, ready to eat food. Express your gratitude by sponsoring daily meals at Masbia to ensure that people who have run into difficult times can continue to rely on hot, nutritious meals at one of Masbia's soup kitchens.

For a donation of $180 you will receive “Perfect for Pesach,” a cookbook by Naomi Nachman. For a donation of $1,800, not only will you receive the aforementioned cookbook, but Farmer Lee Jones will send you high-end micro greens overnight, on ice, directly from his farm in Ohio to use on your Seder plate. For more details on the gifts, click here.

Choose a Chai donation (multiples of $18) below that you feel expresses your gratitude and shares your blessings with those who are hungry and in dire need.

Special thanks for this year's CharosetDrive partners (in no particular order): West Side Institutional Synagogue,  Lincoln Square Synagogue, Congregation Orach Chaim, Herzog Wine, ManischewitzCongregation Shaare Zedek, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Rite Lite, Temple Sholom.

About Charoset:

Charoset, (Hebrew: חרוסת [haroset]) is a sweet paste made of fruits, nuts and grape juice (or sweet wine) eaten at the Passover Seder. According to Jewish tradition, its color and texture are meant to recall the mud which the Israelites used to make bricks when they were enslaved in Egypt.

But, lucky for us, charoset is sweet and we eat it during the Seder to counteract the taste of the bitter herbs. Sponsor the sweet ingredients needed to prepare charoset, along with fresh and nutritious Kosher for Passover staples to help ease the bitterness of those in need. With your help, so many people will be able to celebrate Passover without being enslaved by hunger.