Emergency Passover Food – How To Access Free Kosher For Passover Food From Masbia – 855 Pesach Food

Post on: February 28, 2022

For Passover 2023/5783 the instructions are as follows:

For the Passover holiday, Masbia services multiply by more than 300% from our regular weekly volume as more customers are feeling the pinch of feeding their families. The increased volume and added cost of the special Kosher-for-Passover foods compel us to prepare in advance for every distribution. It is therefore necessary we do it by appointment only.
Please do not call any of Masbia’s phone numbers to schedule appointments. The people answering the phones don’t have any information about the Kosher for Passover raw food distribution. If you have any other question you can email us at pesachfood@masbia.org. Remember the more information you give us when you ask a question the faster we will answer. Every email should include your home address, family size and and what services you are looking for.   

For ready-to-eat meals during Passover, posters with the site hours of operation will be posted at the site very close to the holiday.

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