Current Campaigns

The following are a list of our ongoing campaigns:

Puerto Rico Relief - Amazon Wishlist of Critically Needed Items - Masbia Soup Kitchen

Puerto Rico needs your help. You can donate and send critically needed items via this Amazon wishlist and it will be delivered directly to our partners on the ground, working with the victims of the earthquake.

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Adeena Sussman coming to you from Masbia: For as little as six dollars, you can give the gift of one hot meal to a person

As a chef, every day I see and experience the power of a hot meal. Food has a special way of warming hearts and nourishing tired souls. Last week, I went down to Masbia to help cook a hearty soup. Experiencing firsthand the work Masbia does opened my eyes, both to what they provide, as well as how — with genuine warmth, respect, and dignity to people who have fallen on hard times. I’m so lucky. Whenever I or a family member is hungry, I can open my pantry and fridge and pull out food or ingredients for a meal. But for so many, this basic need is missing. It hurts to know that. No one should ever have to go hungry. That’s why I’ve undertaken to work with Masbia to help provide meals to the needy during this season. 

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Icons1.jpgCharity Opportunities to Feed the Needy During Rosh Hashanah at Masbia Kosher Soup Kitchen

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network anticipates a huge surge in demand for the High Holiday season. Click here to learn why. With a mission to make sure no one goes hungry and every family in need has food on the table during Rosh Hashanah, Masbia is seeking sponsors to operate several special Rosh Hashanah programs.

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Join Me! Support Feeding Those In Need At Masbia And Get My Cookbooks - Leah Koenig

For sponsoring 30 meals at $180 ($6 a meal), you'll get Leah's newest book, 'The Jewish Cookbook', published by Phaidon, a rich trove of contemporary global Jewish cuisine, featuring hundreds of recipes. The more you give, the more you get. Leah is including 5 of her cookbooks in this offer. For every $180 you give, you'll get another one of her cookbooks. $900 will get you all 5 cookbooks, and for $1,800, you'll receive autographed copies of all 5 cookbooks.

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Emergency Food For Federal Employees Effected By The Government Shutdown

Leaflets were distributed to welcome Federal employees and contractors to come to get some relief from their financial pain.

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Naomi_Nachman_Perfect_Flavors.JPGNaomi Nachman With Great Gifts for Masbia Donors

I am Naomi Nachman, kosher cookbook author of “Perfect Flavors” and “Perfect for Pesach”. I joined Masbia Soup Kitchen Network to help with feeding the needy. Masbia distributes over two million meals a year out of three locations. We all look for our food to be perfect, but the real perfect meal comes when the meal is shared. The flavor of sharing is the strongest of all

Read more about the campaign here.