Masbia In The Queens Ledger: Doordash, Masbia Deliver Kosher Meals For Passover

Masbia, a nonprofit soup kitchen network that provides nutritious meals for New Yorkers in need, has partnered with DoorDash to deliver groceries in Queens and Brooklyn to families facing food insecurity via Project DASH, the company’s initiative to enable food banks, food pantries, and social impact organizations to leverage DoorDash’s last-mile logistics.
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Masbia Relief In NY Jewish Week/Forward/JTA: Brooklyn Family With 8 Kids Loses Home To Fire On Last Night Of Passover

A two-alarm fire on the last night of Passover has left a Brooklyn family with eight children without a home. The blaze broke on Friday night at the Borough Park home of Simcha and Sarah Salz. Two firefighters and a resident suffered minor injuries during the fire, according to AMNY. Approximately 125 firefighters responded to the emergency.
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Masbia In The Middle East Eye: US: Muslim-Run Food Banks Struggle To Feed The Hungry As Prices Surge

With rising inflation and prices for everyday goods going up, Muslim communities are struggling to help the most vulnerable during Ramadan.
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Masbia In The Times Of Israel: Can’t Find Poultry For Passover? America’s Kosher Chicken Shortage, Explained

An unusual array of forces have conspired to depress production in the United States, and kosher plants have suffered alongside everyone else.
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Tapping Of Table For Two By Naomi Nachman At Masbia Food Reserve Depot Part 2

Listen to the latest episode of Table For Two by Naomi Nachman on the Nachum Segal Network at the Masbia Food Reserve featuring our ED Alexander Rapaport, and chef Ruben Diaz. Ruben Diaz shows us how to prepare Chicken Potato Chremzlach. 
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Masbia On CBS New York: Nonprofits Are Out In Force In NYC To Make Sure Food Is Distributed For Passover And Ramadan

Nonprofits have kicked it into high gear to make sure those in need have meals this holiday season. CBS2's Leah Mishkin went to food distributions happening in Brooklyn on Friday.
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Masbia On CBS New York: Brooklyn Soup Kitchen Says Food Deliveries From City Pandemic Program Are Slowing Ahead Of Passover

The anchor of CBS New York, Dana Tyler, presents Jenna Deangelis reporting from Brooklyn about rising food costs and families feeling the squeeze while food pantries try to make sure people are feeding. Masbia's ED Alexander Rapaport talks about the recent open warehouse to have a reserve food to help keep up with the demand.
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Tapping Of Table For Two By Naomi Nachman At Masbia Food Reserve Depot Part 1

Listen to the latest episode of Table For Two by Naomi Nachman on the Nachum Segal Network at the Masbia Food Reserve featuring our ED Alexander Rapaport, The Chef's Garden, Manischewitz Co, Tuscanini Foods, Gefen and chopped champion Rachel Goldzal
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Masbia In Queens Jewish Link: Masbia Opens New Food Warehouse Just In Time For Passover And Is Asking For Help To Keep It Fully Stocked

With the need for emergency food at an all-time high, Masbia gets a huge warehouse in Boro Park, down the block from Bingo. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Masbia added more storage space by renting additional storefronts adjacent to the original facilities, but this one is the first standalone warehouse facility where pallets are stored three stories high.
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Masbia In Hamodia: One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato… NONE?

It’s not the Irish Potato Famine of 1845, Baruch Hashem. But potatoes not making it over the Canadian border this year has knocked the starch out of Pesach preparation. In the weeks leading up to Pesach, we’re hyper-focused on house cleaning and mishloach manos leftover disposal. Despite being a staple ingredient and indeed standalone meal in many frum households over Pesach due to halachic stringencies as well as for health reasons, one would think that potatoes and potato-specific soil fungus are not the first things on our minds. But defying the considerations of convenient cooking and matzah-minimal diets, this year these Pesach-friendly carbs may be a bit more expensive than usual.
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