NY1: Food Rescue: Jewish Deli Donated Leftover Food to Masbia Kosher Soup Kitchen

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Bklyner: Serving Food, Fighting Hunger, Restoring Dignity – Masbia

By Zainab Iqbal May 30, 2018 Photo: Zainab Iqbal FLATBUSH – It’s early morning on a warm Thursday in May and there’s a line of over two dozen people in front of a small building on Coney Island Avenue between Avenues J and K. A woman wearing a green apron sits in front of the door behind a cardboard box placed on a table. Her name is Julie and her apron says “Masbia.”
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BoroPark24: @QuaiJames Volunteers at Masbia After Sincere Apology for Hateful Viral Video

Quaishawn Stewart, 25, from Westchester, made a video making fun of a Chassidic child’s haircut went viral and was removed by Facebook and Twitter for its hateful content. His sincere apology video went viral too, in which he called his actions foolish and bullying. Quashawn @quaijames was invited to volunteer at Masbia’s soup kitchen to strengthen the to learn about the diverse cultures and strengthen community ties.
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Forward: Quai James Does Teshuva At Jewish Soup Kitchen

May 17, 2018 By Shira Feder Quai James Is Setting An Example For How To Move On After Making A Mistake. The 25-Year-Old From Yonkers Who Posted A Viral Video Mocking And Berating A Young Hasidic Boy, Along With A Subsequent, Equally Viral Apology, Spent Some Time Volunteering At Masbia, A Jewish Soup Kitchen.
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News 12: Man volunteers at kosher soup kitchen to make up for mocking Jewish boy

Posted: May 17, 2018 4:33 PM EDT Updated: May 17, 2018 4:35 PM EDT BROOKLYN - A Westchester man says he's volunteering at a kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn as penance for a video of him mocking a Hasidic Jewish boy that went viral online. Quaishawn Stewart has apologized for offending the Jewish community and is volunteering at the well-known Masbia soup kitchen.
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Masbia Passover Seder Featured on TV: CBS NY, PIX 11, 112BK on BRIC TV, NDT TV - Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

Check out all of our Passover clips that aired on TV.
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NY1's Bree Driscoll reporting on Masbia's special distribution before the #Noreaster

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Kings County Politics: Bay Democrats Present Jewish Community Leadership Awards

By Kings County Politics DEMOCRATIC DISTRICT LEADER ARI KAGAN ADDRESSES THE MONTHLY MEETING. PHOTO BY ALEX ROZENBERG The Bay Democrats, under the leadership of 45th Assembly Democratic District Leaders Ari Kagan and Rita Kagan (Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Midwood) honored the community’s Jewish leaders with plaques and donations to their organizations at their monthly last week.
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Forward: When It Comes To Feeding The Hungry, Presentation Is Everything

March 19, 2018By Shira Feder Courtesy Of Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, Masbia Soup Kitchen Network’s New Boro Park Location, Set Up For Shabbat.   When Hurricane Sandy Struck New York, 650 Hungry Seniors Were Brought To The Park Slope Armory For A Meal, Courtesy Of City Planning. But The Meal Wasn’t Much Of A Meal. It Was Army Rations, Whose Highly Concentrated Salinity Alone Made The Chow Utterly Repulsive, Even To Seniors Used To Feasting On Puddings And Thick-It.
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[Updated] A Chicken In Every Pot: $2.25 or $1.83 per lb. What would you pay?

A butcher-wrapped pack of chicken legs in foam trays or chicken legs shoved into sealed polybags - which would you give to a needy family? It will be produced in the same plant. It will be the same amount (4 lbs.) in each pack. Same Kosher certification. Same brand. Everything inside is the same, except the presentation. The only difference is that a pack of the butcher-wrapped costs just under $9 and the polybagged costs a bit more than $7. In other words, butcher-packed for $2.25 per pound (wholesale) versus polybagged for $1.83 per pound (wholesale). 
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