DIY Packages

Best practices for DIY Packages:

Decide on ingredients based on a specific recipe. Try to include that recipe with the food. Try to include enough of each item to make that recipe. For example, if you are putting together a challah package make sure it has enough flour for the shiur challah (5 lbs of flour as per OU Kosher).

In order for Masbia to include these packages in a distribution we would need at least 200, and preferably 1,000 of these units. Anything less than 200 will make it very hard to distribute in an equitable way where people don't feel like the person next to them got something they wanted and we ran out of it.

Due to the quantity of packages needed, there are many things to consider before deciding to go ahead with this. Packages should not include products in glass; the bags should be very sturdy; the packages need to be stackable (you can put them in boxes, but that is an added element); packages need to be shelf stable, which means no fresh eggs, or fresh produce; you need to be able to deliver the packages yourself to a Masbia facility.

In order to mitigate these problems, we also offer an easier and more economical way of doing such a food drive. You can buy the ingredients in bulk and have them delivered to Masbia, and come with your friends and family to assemble them in Masbia. Or, you can give us the money and we will purchase the ingredients for you and then arrange for an assembling day.


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