Single Item Food Drive

A single item food drive can be loosely interpreted in many ways. The most literal interpretation would mean to only collect one brand and only of the same sized can. The staff and volunteers preparing the food pantry at Masbia would be extremely grateful for that but we understand that is not very feasible. Therefore, another interpretation would be to collect one single food of various can sizes. For example, you can call it a "Canned Tuna Food Drive". It is also possible to collect a type of food such as "A Canned Fish Food Drive" which would include canned tuna, salmon, sardines, etc of all sizes. The loosest interpretation would be to collect items from a specific food group. For example, you can have a "Protein Food Drive" which will include all types of shelf stable fish beans (canned or drive), and peanut butter (see flyer used for a Bat Mitzvah girl who did a Protein Food Drive). We leave it up to you to try your best in keeping the drive to minimal variety so we do not end up with small quantities of many different items, making it hard to distribute equitably to our clients.

The following are helpful links and photos to assist you in putting together ideas for your own single item food drive.

Schuckman Food Drive:




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