News 12: Man volunteers at kosher soup kitchen to make up for mocking Jewish boy

Posted on: May 17, 2018

BROOKLYN –¬†A Westchester man says he’s volunteering at a kosher soup kitchen in Brooklyn as penance for a video of him mocking a Hasidic Jewish boy that went viral online.

Quaishawn Stewart has apologized for offending the Jewish community and is volunteering at the well-known Masbia soup kitchen.

The video shows a little boy and Stewart mocking his haircut.

“It was my fault,” Stewart says. “I messed up.”

Stewart, who is black, apologized to the Jewish community on Twitter.

“We’ve been through as much as they’ve been through,” he said in a video apology. “They’ve been through worse.”

He called his actions a form of bullying and said he regretted them and was sorry.

“That was one of the most immature videos I’ve probably ever recorded,” he said. “I’m really not that type of person.”

After the incident, Councilman Brad Lander invited him to volunteer at Masbia. Stewart agreed.

Now he says he’s using it as a learning experience and giving back in a humble way.

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