Forward: Quai James Does Teshuva At Jewish Soup Kitchen A N 76sc on May 17, 2018 · Flag

Posted on: May 17, 2018

Quai James Is Setting An Example For How To Move On After Making A Mistake. The 25-Year-Old From Yonkers Who Posted A Viral Video Mocking And Berating A Young Hasidic Boy, Along With A Subsequent, Equally Viral Apology, Spent Some Time Volunteering At Masbia, A Jewish Soup Kitchen.

Five hundred people lined up to collect emergency food packages.

“I myself reported the original clip to Twitter,” said Alexander Rapaport, Masbia executive director. “But I have something to learn from Quai, and that is how to sincerely apologize. I am really humbled by him.

There is a Jewish concept of ‘teshuva” that means repentance, we hope everyday to get to a level of true teshuva and how to full heartedly take back something we said or did. I have something to learn from Quai. How to sincerely apologize and take it back to an even better place than it was before.”

James said he was also learning a lot by saying sorry and giving back.

“I had a wonderful experience today and would not mind helping out other places,” he said.

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