Kosher Today: Kosher Relief for the Poor and Puerto Rico!

Posted on: October 2, 2017

Alexander Rappaport is not your typical Orthodox Jew in Chasidic dress. He is articulate and very much tuned into the needs of the community. So it is no wonder that during these high holy days, he is busy providing thousands of kosher meals to the poor through Masbia, a network of soup kitchens he founded. A savvy user of the Internet he is known for raising significant sums of money through on-line fundraising campaign. A visit to one of his soup kitchens shows just how much he is concerned that the poor are served with dignity and respect.

So it was no wonder that Sender, as he is affectionately known, responded to Mayor Bill DE Blasio’s call for community help for the victims in Puerto Rico so devastated by Hurricane Maria. Once again, using his on-line smarts, Mr. Rappaport raised more than $30,000 within a few days. Sender feels that despite a mission to serve the Jewish poor, part of being Jewish is to show concern for the needy irrespective of their background. Indeed, he practices that policy in Masbia and now has made it a fact with the relief help for Puerto Rico.