Donate Food At Masbia - The Chanukah Goal Is $54,000 - Help Bring Joy To 3,000 Families In Need This Chanukah Season

$48,053.10 raised of $54,000.00

Current Donors

Migdalia Rosa donated $18.00
Migdalia Rosa donated $18.00
Migdalia Rosa donated $18.00
Migdalia Rosa donated $18.00
Migdalia Rosa donated $18.00
Yisroel Nussbaum donated $15.00
Devorah Klahr donated $180.00
David Bernath donated $100.00
Joseph Davis donated $1,800.00
Olga Katsnelson donated $18.00
David & Ilana Prager donated $540.00
Barbara and Bernard Garfinkel donated $72.00
Bella Milman donated $36.00
Tuli Urbach donated $18.00
Levi Yitzchok Friedman donated $18.00
Julia Ganchrow donated $36.00
Gary Gruber donated $20.00
Jeffrey Marks donated $36.00
Baruch Malchy donated $15.00
Josh Gelb donated $1,180.00
Erica Moroz donated $50.00
Deborah Bronstein donated $18.00
Jessica McGeary donated $18.00
Jeffrey Mollin donated $54.00
Mathias Barash donated $54.00
Rachel Lewis donated $36.00
Rachel Gross donated $36.00
Moti and Chaya Rochel Sonnenschine donated $72.00
Josh Gelb donated $180.00
Rose Jawitz donated $36.00

In order to help 3,000 families celebrate Chanukah this year, Masbia will add ingredients to make donuts to the regular raw food distribution. Each set of ingredients cost $18.00, the goal is to provide 3,000 families in need with those ingredients for a total of $54,000. Please help us get to this goal by donating today. Special thanks to Congregation Shearith Israel for donating the first $10,000.

We also accept donations via Venmo and Paypal. For more donation options see catalog or current campaigns. For Tax ID and mailing address, scroll to the bottom.

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