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Charoset, (Hebrew: חרוסת [haroset]) is a sweet paste made of fruits, nuts and grape juice (or sweet wine) eaten at the Passover Seder. According to Jewish tradition, its color and texture are meant to recall the mud which the Israelites used to make bricks when they were enslaved in Egypt.

But, lucky for us, charoset is sweet and we eat it during the Seder to counteract the taste of the bitter herbs. Sponsor the sweet ingredients needed to prepare charoset, along with fresh and nutritious Kosher for Passover staples to help ease the bitterness of those in need. With your help, so many people will be able to celebrate Passover without being enslaved by hunger.

This year, Masbia’s goal is to provide the essentials for 18 Kosher for Passover meals to 25,000 people who are desperate for your help. At $50, according to USDA “My Plate” guidelines, you will help us provide 18 meals per person. For example, a needy family of 5 will receive nutritionally balanced groceries worth $250.00 (90 meals), to help sweeten their Passover.

You can join the Charoset Drive in three exciting ways: 1. By buying charoset ingredients from our virtual grocery store; 2. by sponsoring 18 meals per person; and 3. Acclaimed Kosher baker Paula Shoyer and Farmer Lee Jones from The Chef’s Garden in Huron, Ohio are very excited to send you special gifts as described below.

Virtual Charoset Drive - Purchase the ingredients to make charoset:


Items by the pound
(1 lb Apples, 1 lb Walnuts, 1 lb Almonds & 1 bottle of Grape Juice)
(2 lb Apples, 2 lb Walnuts, 2 lb Almonds & 2 bottles of Grape Juice)
Ingredients by the pound
for 10 lbs of apples
for 10 lbs of almonds
for 10 lbs of walnuts
for 10 bottles of Grape Juice
Sponsor Holiday Meals, Per Person:
1 person = 18 meals
2 people = 36 meals
3 people = 54 meals
4 people = 72 meals
5 people = 90 meals
7 people = 124 meals
10 people = 180 meals
20 people = 360 meals
30 people = 540 meals
50 people = 900 meals
100 people = 1,800 meals
200 people = 3,600 meals
Other Amount


Gift Level 1

Message from Kosher Baker Paula Shoyer:
Two exciting events occurred in the last few weeks: My new cookbook, The New Passover Menu, was released and I volunteered at Masbia and saw first-hand the wonderful work they do. This is how I am joining Masbia’s Charoset Drive: For your donation of $180, I will send you my cookbook. It is filled with traditional as well as new, creative recipes for you to enjoy. Redefining Passover with an updated and global menu, these recipes will set you free, combining all the nostalgic pleasures with a new generation of creative recipes. Published by Sterling and released in February, 2015, I am proud to say that my new Passover cookbook is already an Amazon #1 bestseller!

Gift Level 2

Message from Farmer Lee Jones:

In October, I invited Alexander Rapaport of Masbia to visit our family’s sustainable farm, The Chef's Garden, in Huron, Ohio, to speak to top chefs from around the country about feeding the needy with dignity. Inspired by Masbia’s work, I have shipped our micro-greens and specialty heirloom vegetables to Masbia’s Chef, Ruben Diaz, to feed the needy. I am joining Masbia’s Charoset Drive too and this is how. For your donation of $1,000 I will send you freshly picked, Farm-to-Seder spring vegetables, on ice, delivered to you in time for your Seders. You will have the most delicious and trendiest Seder plate ever. Your package will contain heirloom vegetables including vegetables that you can use for karpas and maror: Two types of high-end parsley, black radish, lime radish, purple ninja radish, watermelon radish, knob celery and baby romaine lettuce.
Gift Level 2 Includes Paula Shoyer’s cookbook.




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Qty The New Passover Menu by Paula Shoyer ($180)
Qty Farm-to-Seder vegetables from The Chef’s Garden + The New Passover Menu ($1,000)
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