Feed the Needy at Masbia with Me and Receive Exciting Giveaways! - Farmer Lee Jones

Hi everyone! Farmer Lee Jones, here. I’m the director of The Chef’s Garden, where we have been growing and distributing some of the world’s most delicious and unusual vegetables to chefs of five-star restaurants across the world.

My team and I partnered with Masbia more than five years ago by contributing fresh fruits and vegetables to feed the needy, and now I’m asking YOU to join us by donating what you can. You’ll even have the opportunity to receive exciting farm-style giveaways from The Chef’s Garden! (Read More)

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The gifts will be fulfilled via Masbia's online store at masbia.org/store. The store has the capability to send your order to anyone you wish to send it as a gift. If you choose to make your donation on this page we will respond to your donation with a promotional code for the gift you are eligible for. We also accept donations via Venmo and Paypal please let us know via e-mail that you want the gift offered on this page. For more donation options see catalog.

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Current Donors

Yeshaya Gold donated $25.00
Leah Kaye donated $108.00
Jonathan Szrolovits donated $250.00
Yaakov Serle donated $180.00
Shavy Weiss donated $36.00
Marc Sturiale donated $50.00
Diane Pollack donated $108.00
Yitzchok Kaminetzky donated $20.00
Ann Rosenberg donated $18.00
Jonathan Boyarin donated $72.00
Carmella Chessen donated $108.00
John Golin donated $36.00
Mindy Greene donated $108.00
Aliyahu Fuchs donated $20.00
Daniel Boyarin donated $180.00
Jonathan Tavin donated $36.00
Menachem Ickovitz donated $108.00
George Frankel donated $50.00
Karen Bacon donated $108.00
Eli Spirn donated $36.00
rena fein donated $108.00
zack cecemski donated $18.00
Neal Adelstein donated $1.00
Moshe Dov Stern donated $108.00
Ruth Elias donated $108.00
Anna (Chana) Yemets donated $108.00
Carol Stein donated $108.00
Renee Feit donated $100.00
Robert Coover donated $25.00
Sharon Pollock donated $108.00