Masbia On NY1: Seder For The Needy At Masbia Boro Park

The anchor of NY1, Cheryl Wills, presents Bree Driscoll reporting at Masbia Boro Park in Brooklyn, with camerawoman Chelsea Katz, about Masbia Soup Kitchen preparing to welcome people back for a traditional Passover meal for the first time in two years. The Kosher Soup Kitchen will serve 60 people seder dinners this weekend at its Borough Park location.
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Masbia in the Getty Images: The Jewish community gets ready for the beginning of Passover celebrations in Brooklyn

Photographer Kena Betancur, Getty Images, came to Masbia of Boro Park in Brooklyn on March 26, 2021, to document the Passover celebration of the Jewish Hasidic Community at Boro Park and Masbia's preparations for the traditional seder diner that marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover.
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Masbia on Fox 5 New York: Food Pantry In Brooklyn Ready To Serve Kosher Meals For Passover

On March 23, 2021, Fox 5 New York journalist, Sharon Crowley reported on Masbia of Flatbush in Brooklyn offering free kosher meals for Passover. Our ED, Alexander Rapaport, refers to how Masbia helps families to celebrate Jewish holidays and ensures that they have enough food for Passover.
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Masbia On NY1: Food Bank Workers Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

The anchor of NY1, Annika Pergament, presents reporter Shannan Ferry reporting at Masbia Boro Park in Brooklyn, on Food Bank workers now are eligible for Covid-19 vaccine; Masbia ED Alexander Rapaport and Chef Ruben Diaz speak about what this means for those working at non-profit organizations like Masbia.
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Masbia on News12: Masbia Soup Kitchen Expands In Order To Extend Reach Across City

The anchor of News12, Jessica Cunnington introduces reporter Phil Taitt reporting from Masbia of Flatbush in Brooklyn, interviewing our COO Jordana Hirschel regarding Masbia expanding their locations in order to reach out to more people in need across New York City.
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Masbia on NY1 in Spanish: Despensa Comunitaria Brinda Ayuda Las 24 Horas En Borough Park

Read the article below, published in NY1, about Masbia helping those in need given free groceries during the coronavirus pandemic. Masbia expects to grow up, even more, during Passover eve, as an organization to cover all needs in the community, said Chef Ruben Díaz.
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Masbia in the Bklyner.: Masbia’s Brooklyn Soup Kitchens To Double in Size To Meet Unprecedented Demand

Read the article below written by Billy Richling, in the Bklyner., about Masbia Soup Kitchen Network increasing the size of its stores due to the highest request for food ever seen before. Now, the exorbitant demand requires more space to stock supplies.
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Masbia in The City: With Hunger Growing, Brooklyn Food Pantries Look to Expand Before Passover

Read the article below written by Gabriel Sandoval, in The City, on how as a consequence of the increased demand of people in need looking for food at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, the soup kitchen has to expand its locations, a mission that ED Alexander Rapaport is willing to accomplish before Passover.
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HuffPost reporter Daniel Marans Twitter Thread about Masbia

Reporter of HuffPost, Daniel Marans, featured Masbia, via a Thread on Twitter, overcoming the chicken wing shortage due to the Super Bowl event, replacing it with a delicious and nutritious recipe “chicken grind” by Masbia’s Chef Jordana Hirschel and sharing the main ingredients.
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Masbia In the NYT: A Photo Of The 24 Hour Breadline At the Masbia of Queens Made It Into The NY Times

A photo of the 24-hour breadline at the Masbia of Queens made it into the NY Times. In the photo, you will see people outside in the freezing cold with our propane heaters keeping them warm as they wait to get their COVID-19 emergency food relief. Also pictured is information on how to make an appointment as well as some of the food they would be receiving which includes chicken, tuna, oil, mayonnaise, eggs, fresh produce, and matzah that we picked up in food rescue. 
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