Marla Rottenstreich: Please Sign Up to Give Charity to Masbia Weekly and Receive a Lifetime Fitness Subscription


“Hi, I’m Marla Rottenstreich, chef of the New Leaf cooking show on, as well as the owner of the MindBody20 fitness program. Your donation of $7 a week, $1 a day, is all it takes to not only get my fitness library, which is set to Jewish music, is Frum friendly, is so much fun giving you so many opportunities to get strong, healthy, and help Masbia. I had the opportunity and privilege to see firsthand what Masbia Soup Kitchen Network did for so many families in just one day alone. Preparing food for Shabbos, preparing several food packages for families to pick up, and as well as deliveries through DoorDash, so that widowed and divorced mothers can get what they need without leaving their children. I was able to serve food at their soup kitchen. It was a true blessing to see what Masbia Soup Kitchen Network does for hundreds of thousands of families weekly, daily, and beyond. Please donate today, so that you can help more families to get what they need. Donate $7 weekly and I will give you an amazing fitness library.” – Marla Rottenstreich



Lifetime Access Pass to (Frum) Fitness video library ($7 Weekly): Life is busier than ever before! Your home workout has to be easy, accessible, and fun! Let the MindBody20 Program give you a variety of virtual fitness opportunities that meet the needs of busy women (& men) everywhere and at all fitness levels! Featuring Strength, Cardio, Cardio Dance, Recess Family Workout, Stretch, and Yoga. All workouts in this program are set to Jewish Music with tznuis movements and are accompanied by Divrei Chizuk. With this lifetime access pass to the (Frum) fitness video library, make your workouts more easy, accessible, and fun than ever before.


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