Masbia In ADP Logistics Delivers 50,000 Lbs of Food on Memorial Day to Masbia Soup Kitchen

Posted on: June 6, 2023

Last week, in honor of Memorial Day, ADP Logistics showcased their deep-rooted commitment to their community. As a respected provider of logistics services in the Greater NYC and NJ areas, ADP Logistics is known for offering a broad spectrum of solutions, from warehousing to white-glove inside deliveries for businesses of all sizes. This commitment was extended further when they allied with Masbia, a highly esteemed nonprofit soup kitchen network, to confront the urgent issue of food insecurity in our neighborhoods.

ADP Logistics brought its resources and expertise to the partnership, bolstering Masbia’s food distribution efforts. By deploying its fleet, the company amplified Masbia’s reach, enhancing the impact of the food pantry and serving more households in need. This commitment to service reinforces ADP’s broader mission: using their resources and skills not just for commercial and bulk deliveries, but also to lend a helping hand to their community.

Palty Frommell, the founder of ADP Logistics, started his mission 10 years ago with early-morning bakery deliveries and has since grown his company to manage a diverse range of freight. However, his core ethos remains rooted in community service. “Those early mornings delivering fresh bread to local schools and bakeries laid the foundation of our core values,” Frommell shared. “ADP is about connecting the community, whether through large appliances, clothing, building materials, or essential food supplies.”

Honoring this legacy, ADP Logistics dedicated two of its robust trucks on Memorial Day, loaded with a total of 20 pallets of food and vital supplies. This significant delivery, estimated to weigh around 50,000 lbs, is intended to feed over 14,500 families in Queens and surrounding areas.

“Every pallet, every pound, is a symbol of our dedication to the community we serve,” Frommell highlighted. “Our alliance with Masbia allows us to fully realize our service ethos, connecting people with the vital nourishment they need.”

This memorable Memorial Day initiative marks the beginning of a wider mission for ADP Logistics. Every quarter, the company will highlight a partnership with a local nonprofit requiring logistics services, emphasizing their work and contributions to the community.

“At ADP Logistics, we’re more than a freight company; we’re a community partner,” Frommell added. “We’ve earned the trust of our customers with dependable delivery services, and we plan to grow by giving back to our community.”

About ADP Logistics: ADP Logistics is a logistics company anchored by a strong commitment to community service. Their wide range of services, spanning from warehousing to specialized inside deliveries, caters to businesses across the Greater NYC and NJ areas. Beyond their commercial operations, ADP Logistics is committed to utilizing their resources to serve their community.

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