Masbia in the Newsmax: More Than 1 Million New Yorkers Can’t Afford Food Due to Covid-19

Posted on: October 21, 2020

Read the article below written by Jason Devaney, in the Newsmax, which refers to the struggling of New Yorkers to survive, and unable to buy food for themselves, or their families, as the coronavirus crisis continues.

The pandemic has led to more than 1 million New Yorkers not being able to buy food for themselves or their families.

Fox 5 NY reported that residents of the Empire State, particularly those who live in New York City, are struggling to survive as the coronavirus crisis continues. People are lining up at soup kitchens and food banks to get what they need. In total, an estimated 1.5 million New Yorkers don’t have the money to purchase food.

“We have done disasters before but nothing is even close to what we are doing now,” Alexander Rapaport of the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network said.

Rapaport added that people have been forced to wait in such long lines that his organization is setting appointments for people to show up at an assigned time to get what they need.

New York’s unemployment rate dropped to 9.7% in September as the state continues to grapple with job losses related to the pandemic. More than 538,000 people who live in New York City alone remain jobless.

Much of New York City was largely shut down earlier this year in an effort to contain COVID-19. With many people still working from home and not venturing into their offices, the service industry is struggling to stay afloat.

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