Masbia On CBS New York: Synagogue Hosts Family Kindness Day To help The Needy

Posted on: December 12, 2021

The anchor of CBS New YorkJessica Moore, presents West Side Institutional Synagogue hosts Family Kindness Day, Masbia Soup Kitchen ED Alexander Rapaport talks about teaching children about charity to feel the kindness of charity getting directly involved with feeding the needy.

Families gathered at a Manhattan synagogue on Sunday to help feed the hungry.

The young and old met for “Family Kindness Day” at West Side Institutional Synagogue.

Volunteers sliced 1,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, which will be taken to soup kitchens and given to families struggling as the price of food continues to go up.

“Sometimes you want to do charity with your hands. You want to be able to teach your children about charity. So many people are here just feeling the charity, feeling the kindness and touching it, and getting directly involved with feeding the needy, and that’s what’s so beautiful here today,” said Alexander Rapaport, executive director of Masbia Soup Kitchen Network.

The food will be distributed at soup kitchens, helping hundreds of families in need.

Photos of Christina Fan reporting are below:

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