Masbia On News 12: Masbia of Borough Park To Serve Free Kosher Meals Throughout Sukkot

Posted on: October 9, 2022

The Masbia of Borough Park is honoring the seven-day holiday of Sukkot by serving traditional kosher food.

Starting tonight at 7:30 p.m., they will serve meals twice daily for the next three days. There will be fourteen different free meals to choose from.

A sukkah was also built outside the Masbia. It is used during the holiday to commemorate the time the Israelites spent in the wilderness after they were freed from slavery in Egypt.

Head chef Rueben Diaz told News 12 that the event is an honor.

“Masbia Soup Kitchen is a soup kitchen and food pantry organization… and we’ve built this amazing sukkah for all the people in the neighborhood. They can come and eat here and celebrate Sukkot,” Diaz explained. “It’s very important because a lot of them don’t have a place to go… So the sukkah that we’ve just built here is so special and so nice and they can come and enjoy it.”

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