Masbia Relief In Boro Park 24: Kindness From Boro Park: Masbia And Shomrim Team Up To Bring Relief To Bronx Victims

Posted on: January 9, 2022

New Yorkers remain in shock this evening from the horrific events that took place in the Bronx this afternoon–when a massive blaze tore through an enormous building taking the lives of 19 people, nine of them children. According to reports, a faulty space heater was at fault.

But for some, the first instinct is to lend a hand–like Masbia’s Alexander Rapaport.

Understanding the magnitude of the need of all those families that have been displaced today, he headed over to Bingo in Boro Park to collect boxes upon boxes of provisions to bring to the victims who are left in the rainy cold this evening.

While he was checking out boxes of shampoo, toothpaste, other toiletries, and cakes and cookies, a shipment of hot soup and chicken were headed separately to a relief stand near the fire site.

He was assisted in these efforts by members of Boro Park Shomrim who are making their way to the Bronx to provide relief … and hot soup… to those who have lost so much in today’s tragedy.

Photos by: Dovid Jaroslawicz and Shumel Solinsky

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