Masbia’s #CharosetDrive offering Farm-to-Seder Gift to Sponsors of 18 Families and up

Posted on: April 10, 2016

Exclusive Farm-To-Seder spring vegetables from Farmer Lee Jones of the Chef’s Garden. Includes pink tip parsley, petite green parsley, celery root, four colors of radishes (purple, white, watermelon, and black purple), purple radish seedlings, and baby romaine lettuce will be shipped overnight on ice to donors of $1,350 or more. Read more about the microgreens. 

This is an awesome way to add color to your Seder Plate, something even high end chefs have yet to experiment with. There is one compartment on the Seder Plate called Karpas and the main reason for dipping a vegetable into salt water is to provoke children to ask about it, as per the theme of the Seder night that the story is to be recounted by way of question and answer. Dipping a vegetable prior to the main meal is not usually done at other occasions, and thus arouses the curiosity of the children. The variety of Karpas Farmer Lee Jones will be sending you will have all of the adults at your Seder asking questions. 
Here is how it will work. All vegetables are alternative to Karpas. Like lots of Jewish customs, traditions may vary. The most popular in America is parsely, the most ancient is celery, and many use radishes as well. Farmer Lee Jones’ Karpas kit will include 2 types of celery, 2 exotic varieties of parsley which are pink tipped and tender petite green parsley, high end celery root also known as knob celery, 4 different colors of radishes which are ninja colored, watermelon colored, white colored, and lime colored, and a fifth option of radish will be included which are eye-popping purple seedlings of radishes. 
If that’s not enough, Farmer Lee Jones has something to add to your Maror on the Seder Plate: baby romaine lettuce.