Melinda Strauss's Birthday - Donate to Feed the needy at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

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Hi, this is Melinda Strauss from @therealmelindastrauss on TikTok and Instagram! In honor of my birthday, I am asking you to please join me in helping Masbia feed the hungry. You can help to donate food today! $6 sponsors a dinner, $54 sponsors a food package for a family, $600 sponsors a hundred meals, $5,000 sponsors a day. Thank you for your support!!!

Please feed the needy today and sponsor meals, packages, or both! For your convenience, Masbia also accepts donations via Venmo and Paypal. Masbia's work in the News here

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Current Donors

Jack Gillman donated $54.00
Erica Strauss donated $38.00
Ava Strauss donated $100.00
Kacy Farmer donated $38.00
Inna Koppel donated $54.00
Elisheva Liss donated $36.00
Y Klein donated $18.00
Gitty Weissmandl donated $18.00
Chana Apfelbaum donated $36.00
Richelle Willner-Martin donated $54.00
Chana Diamond donated $36.00
Aviva Elchonen donated $6.00
Justin & Melinda Strauss donated $54.00
Micha & Lesley Zwick donated $54.00