Masbia In The Jewish News: Human Beings Should Not Be Political Pawns

Posted on: October 6, 2022

The forced relocation of illegal migrants is inhumane and a dark stain on the governors and legislatures that are pursuing this cynical tactic.

One can be concerned about illegal immigration and the burden it places on local resources. One can be frustrated at years of inaction by Congress in addressing this issue. One can be inflamed at the deluge of drugs flooding in through our insecure border that cause a huge spike in overdose deaths among Americans. One can observe the hypocrisy of “sanctuary cities” that object to dealing with a fraction of the refugee problem that America’s southern-border cities deal with.

None of this is solved by loading human beings onto buses or planes against their will, moving them to sanctuary cities to score political points.

True enough, the very declaration of a sanctuary city, absent the will to act on it, is cynical and politically motivated. Even so, this does not justify the actions of Texas’ Gov. Abbott or Florida’s Ron DeSantis.

Human beings should never be used as political pawns. The manipulation of human beings for political purposes should be a level no one should stoop to. Sadly in today’s political climate, nothing appears to be off limits.

We applaud the efforts of Alexander Rapaport, the chasidic director of Masbia, in greeting and assisting such migrants at New York’s Port Authority. As he said to the IJN’s Steve Lipman: “These are human beings. They need help. This should not be an issue.”


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