Please Feed the Needy this Purim Season, Help Masbia Distribute $95,400 Worth of Food.

Bring joy to so many needy men, women, and children. Donate to Masbia to fulfill the real mitzvah of Matanot La'Evyonim and Mishloach Manot.

Masbia’s goal is to give out $95,400 worth of food this Purim season. We expect to serve 1,000 families through our raw-food distributions, which will include special kosher holiday staples for families to be able to prepare their own Purim feast. Masbia will also serve several sit-down meals for the three days; Purim night, a special meal on Purim itself, and another meal on Shushan Purim -- for those who are unable to prepare food for themselves. With the Purim-feast meals at $18 per person and raw food packages at $54, we need to raise $95,400 to cover the food (this does not include other costs). 100% of this money will be spent on food.

Please feed the needy today and sponsor meals, packages, or both!

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