10 Hot Kosher Meals - Receive the Kosher Companion to Farmer Lee Jones’s cookbook

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Masbia’s got something special in store for anyone who sponsors ten hot kosher meals!

You will Receive Masbia’s Kosher Companion to Farmer Lee Jones’ cookbook, Adamah Treasures: A Kosher Adaptation of Recipes from ‘The Chef’s Garden’ Cookbook

Since Farmer Lee Jones’ newly released cookbook The Chef’s Garden isn’t labeled as kosher, therefore Masbia created a kosher companion.

Adama Treasures contains the 22 non-kosher recipes from The Chef’s Garden cookbook transformed into recipes that are suitable for kosher kitchens while staying true to the main attraction – THE VEGETABLES!

Working alongside Chef Jamie Simpson, The Chef’s Garden’s chef and recipe creator, Masbia’s COO, Chef Jordana Hirschel, sifted through the ingredients of the entire cookbook. Together, they carefully crafted the best kosher alternatives without compromising on flavor, texture, ingredient compatibility, and overall dish integrity. They didn’t merely substitute dairy creamer with non-dairy creamer, or non-kosher seafood with the fake stuff, but they tuned into the essence of each dish and experimented until each recipe was pitch-perfect.

Editing, recipe-testing, photography, and graphics done by Shloimy and Shifra Klien of Fleishigs Magazine.

This project could not have been made possible without the help of Chef Josh Massin of the previous Nobo and current Naruto Bowl restaurants in Teaneck, NJ, Chef Bryan Gryka of Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed in Chicago, IL.

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