Eighteen Meals to Feed The Needy at Masbia with the FREE cookbook "Millennial Kosher" by Chanie Apfelbaum

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Have the pleasure of knowing that you fed 18 people at Masbia when you are cooking recipes out of her cookbook. Chanie Apfelbaum will send you a copy of her cookbook, Millennial Kosher, for your generous act of sponsoring hot kosher meals to 18 people. The millennial kosher kitchen is one in which food is reinvented and reimagined in new and exciting ways. It includes ingredients that are healthier, fresher, and more vibrant than ever before. Yesterday's margarine is today's coconut oil, bone broth is the new chicken soup, and the onion soup mix of our youth is replaced with umami-rich porcini mushroom powder.

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Cookbook Details:

In the Millennial Kosher you will find:

● Over 150 innovative recipes for everyday and holiday meals

● Beautiful color photos for every dish

● Meatless Meals section includes dairy-free and vegetarian options

● Guide to kosher meat cookery - Comprehensive tools and ingredient list

Today, kosher food is spicier and bolder than the food we grew up eating. There's an emphasis on fresh and seasonal ingredients, less processed foods, and healthier nondairy alternatives. Modern kosher food reinterprets and reinvents tradition, while still staying true to our heritage. It's food that's influenced by cultural cuisine and not limited to, but inspired by, kosher guidelines. There is still a place for the kosher comfort foods of our youth, and for that there are hundreds of cookbooks. But for now, it's time for Millennial Kosher.

Chanie Apfelbaum is a food blogger, recipe developer and food photographer who blogs about her cooking adventures at BusyInBrooklyn.com. Her first cookbook is Millenial Kosher: Recipes for the Modern Palate. She shares her love of food, family and tradition through fun and educational cooking demos to audiences worldwide.

Born and raised in a kosher home in Brooklyn, Chanie Apfelbaum grew up eating traditional Jewish foods such as gefilte fish, stuffed cabbage, and matzo ball soup. Today, living just a few blocks from her childhood home, she revisits family favorites and reinvents traditional holiday dishes.

Chanie's creative twists on old-time cuisine prove that kosher fare is anything but old-fashioned. With five little ones in tow, she celebrates her heritage one dish at a time, creating balanced recipes with a modern flair and Middle Eastern vibe.

Chanie works as a recipe developer and food photographer. She is a contributing writer to Mishpacha Magazine's Family Table and kosher.com, as well as a guest writer for numerous publications and websites. She has been featured in many national publications and media, including The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, News12 Brooklyn, The Meredith Vieira Show, Thrillist, and more. Chanie also shares her love of food, family, and tradition through fun and educational cooking demonstrations to audiences worldwide.

  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Mesorah Publications Ltd. (April 30, 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1422620557
  • ISBN-13: 978-1422620557
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