Emergency Food Package for the Needy at Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

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We try our best to provide our clients with fresh food, versus canned or processed food. Masbia goes out of its way to procure fresh produce, including picking up from local farmers’ markets. Protein can be as cheap as peanut butter and beans, or as expensive as chicken or beef. Giving our clients a dignified balance is an ongoing challenge. In order to create the packages we distribute, we require close to 50,000 pounds of food each week. The sheer volume of food that comes in and out on a weekly basis takes an enormous toll on our staff, volunteers, facilities and equipment. The receiving and the packaging relies heavily on volunteers. Masbia distributes roughly 40,000 meals a week in its emergency food package distribution. The packages tend to cater more to families who have a home to cook in but have no means to buy raw ingredients.

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