Jerusalem Mezuzah Case made with wood from Repurposed Masbia Tables

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*Exclusive Only At The Masbia Store* (Limited Edition)

Your donation of $3,600.00 is the soup, chicken and vegetables that feed the hungry at Masbia. In return for your donation, Masbia will send you a mezuzah case made from worn out tables that were used to feed millions of meals to hungry people at Masbia as featured in The Forward, News12, and VINnews. If you do not wish to receive the gift, click here to go to our regular donate page:

The tables were repurposed into handcrafted, limited-edition mezuzah cases by woodworker Alex Aronov, who carved the wood into beautifully designed mezuzah cases. The mezuzah, which is placed in the doorpost of a house, is meant as a symbolic protection and a reminder of the covenant with God. And according to the Talmud, a table that serves the poor is as divine as the altar of the Temple. This mezuzah case, will not only have the protective prayer of the Shema, but will also represent millions of charity meals that were served on the wood it is made from. In return for your $3,600 donation, Masbia will send you this limited-edition mezuzah as token of gratitude and to serve as a daily reminder of your charity.


The Jerusalem Mezuzah Case: This mezuzah case is hand carved from solid pieces of wood from repurposed Masbia tables. This design includes a depiction of Jerusalem burnt into the wood. The back of the mezuzah is signed by the artist and the entire wood is coated with lacquer. It comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting to the doorpost. Mezuzah case dimensions are approx. 1x1x7 inches and fits a standard 4-inch scroll (scroll not included). Every mezuzah case comes in a beautiful velour pouch or box wrapped in ribbon, ready to be given as a gift, whether it be for the newlyweds, the new home or yourself.

A raffle for this Mezuzah will be drawn on July 18th 2022, to enter click here.

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