Rabbi Zvi and Chef Naomi Nachman: Sponsor Food For The Needy at Masbia and Get Our Books!

Masbia needs your help. Hi, my name is Zvi Nachman, author of Halacha Matters, and this is my wife Naomi Nachman. We’re both really excited that we’ve written books, and we want to share them with Masbia. We think Masbia is a phenomenal organization. They feed so many needy across the New York area, and we’ve seen it first hand, in action. Just tonight we saw how real it was. We would like everyone to feel encouraged to get involved. Naomi’s well known for her cookbooks, and my Halachah Matters are discussions written for the entire Shabbos table for a year, so hopefully, that will add some light to your Shabbos table - both in the food and in the spirit. Thousands of families in need get food at Masbia every week, and hundreds of people in need get dinner at Masbia every day. To donate for a needy person for a meal, it's just $10 to Masbia. If you donate ten meals - that's only a hundred dollars - to Masbia, I will throw in a copy of this seifer, Halacha Matters, which is my seifer. It's good for a year’s worth of halachic discussion at your Shabbos table. All you have to do is go to Masbia.org/zvi to donate, and I will send you a copy.

In addition, if you donate 25 Passover meals for $450, you will get my book and my wife Naomi's two cookbooks! You can elevate your exploration of Jewish law and your culinary game while making a meaningful impact with Masbia. You will receive Halachah Matters, Perfect Flavors, and Perfect For Pesach. Don't miss this chance to cook up a storm and help in the fight against hunger - order your cookbook combo today!

Below you have the options to get my book, get all three books, or simply sponsor meals. You could even send them as a gift to a friend! Every donation makes a difference regardless of size. To make a regular tax-deductible donation for this Passover season, click here.