Rorie Weisberg: Sponsor Food For The Needy at Masbia and Get "Food You Love"!

Hello! I'm, Rorie Weisberg, founder of Full n Free, and I'm here to make charity giving more delicious. Thousands of families get food at Masbia every week, and hundreds get food every day. Healthy food and sharing food are what Masbia and I have in common. That's what my cookbook and my line of products are all about.

At Masbia, $10 will sponsor a hot dinner for one person. If you sponsor a donation of $180 (18 Meals x $10 = $180), Masbia will send you a copy of my newly published cookbook. If you can sponsor a donation of $1,800.00, (180 Meals x $10 = $1,800.00), I will send you my cookbook along with a variety of my food products. Masbia needs your help. Every little bit makes a difference in how many people can be served. Choose from the shopping cart below. To make a regular tax-deductible donation click here. Thank you.