Simply Gourmet Seasoning Set By Rivky Kleiman For Sponsoring Food At Masbia

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$180 sponsors dinner for 18 people at Masbia. When you sponsor that amount, Rivky Kleiman will send you her Simply Gourmet Seasoning Set!

Rivky Kleiman, famous for her flavorful GOURMET dishes, brings innovation to the food industry.
Introducing an entire RECIPE (and a world of flavor) crammed into a BOTTLE.

These versatile spice blends can be used on beef, chicken, fish, vegetables and more, to provide the world-class taste of a complex and GOURMET recipe, in the convenience of one SIMPLE bottle.

The spices are sourced from the most premium farms around the world, bringing intense flavors and aromas to these unique blends.

Cooking GOURMET has never been more SIMPLE!

If you want more than one gift, scroll down to see more gifts from Rivky Kleiman. You can also sponsor additional meals ($10 each) and food packages ($54 each) by adding them to your cart.

Additional Details:
Chili Lime: 3 oz
Big Bold BBQ: 3 oz
Smoky Coffee: 3 oz

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