Post on: March 18, 2024
Benjamin here got into a car accident a couple of years ago, he had a stroke, basically was about to die. Took him years of rehab to talk and eat again, he's very active on my group. He lost his mother and brother within the last few years.

He's donated towards meals for our members. He wants to do a matching campaign. First he thought Israel, and then it got complicated. I suggested Masbia. He will match up to $4500. Not huge but $9000 is nice and its a good group story which we've been on with him for years.

Purim at Masbia

Light up Shabbat across New York with your kindness. Join in supporting Masbia's Shabbos meal service at multiple locations, bringing community and comfort to those in need during Shabbat. Every donation helps spread warmth and togetherness.

Goal: $9000


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