The Jewish Week Food and Wine: Charity Cook-Off To Raise Funds For Kosher Soup Kitchens

Posted on: September 2, 2016

By Sahar Zivan

September 2, 2016

Chop Hunger, an upcoming culinary evening featuring a cook-off event modelled on the TV show “Chopped” promises to “push the limits of kosher cooking.” The event will include Farmer Lee Jones of Ohio and Mexican/Japanese kosher chef Katsuji Tanabe, and will take place at the Lincoln Square Synagogue on Amsterdam Avenue on September 21.

The night will be divided into two parts. In the dinner portion of the evening, guests will be offered tapas inspired by the work of kosher soup kitchen charity Masbia. These will take the form of dishes that reflect the challenge of “feeding hundreds of people a night with an ad hoc, and often scarce set of ingredients.” These include Oatmeal Crusted Orange Chicken, a dish created by Masbia on a night when they ran out of spices before hundreds of families were due to show up to eat. The purpose of this is to give guests a “deeper understanding” of the work of Masbia, which has been working for over a decade in three locations in Brooklyn and Queens, and which in the last year served over 2 million meals.

A second part of the evening will consist of an onstage cook-off featuring three kosher chefs; Bryan Gryka of Milt’s (Chicago), Asaf Hadad of Fuego (Miami), and Mendel Segal of BBQ Rabbi (Kansas City), and emceed by Avi Levy of Florida. For a sizeable donation, guests will also be allowed to participate as either sous-chefs, judges, or even compete as chefs in the cook-off.

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