URGENT! – This is the most urgent time at Masbia Soup Kitchen in a while

Post on: March 3, 2022

Earlier this week, I got a surprise notification that the dozen truckloads of food we get at each site every week from the Government will not be coming.

Masbia operates both soup kitchens (ready-to-eat food) and food pantries (raw groceries) at each location. Every week, the network handles over 7,500 food pantry family appointments and close to 2,000 soup kitchen dinners. Our appointment system can tell us that about 30,000 families are attempting to make an appointment each week, which means our recent output was not even catching up with a fraction of the demand.

With this catastrophic disruption of food supply, we will be forced to reduce our output even more. You can make all the difference in how many people we will be able to serve in the upcoming days and weeks. The need is urgent and the size of your donation will have a direct impact on our ability to buy food. Please do your best and make a generous donation today. click here.