Sponsor Three Emergency Food Packages At Masbia And I Will Give You My Cookbook - Vera Newman

the marblespoon coockbook vera newman masbia

If you will sponsor food for THREE FAMILIES at $162, cookbook author Vera Newman will send you her book, The Marblespoon Cookbook, as a thank you for your generosity. (Read More)

The gifts will be fulfilled via Masbia's online store at masbia.org/store. We will respond to your donation with a promotional code for the gift you are eligible for. The store has the capability to send your order to anyone you wish to send it as a gift.

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Current Donors

Celia Markel donated $162.00
Chava Oberlander donated $10.00
Michael Lukin donated $25.00
Moshe and Gela Seidenfeld donated $162.00
Trevor & Lea Matz donated $162.00
Chava Oberlander donated $10.00
Michael Lukin donated $25.00
Jose Trejo donated $30.00
Yelena Sigal donated $162.00
Adina Segal donated $25.00
nachum katlowitz donated $162.00
Andrew Greene donated $540.00
Chava Oberlander donated $10.00
Philip Kalish donated $162.00
Michael Lukin donated $25.00
Mathias Barash donated $54.00
Israela & Stephen Perlitsh donated $162.00
steven stern donated $1,000.00
Aryeh Kupchik donated $10.00
Miriam Kramer donated $500.00
David Malitzky donated $125.00
Josh Gelb donated $360.00
Gayle Wysocki donated $18.00
Timothy Myers donated $25.00
soshea Leibler donated $162.00
Pamela and Gabe Pollack donated $162.00
Gerald Minkowitz donated $180.00
Yaakov Serle donated $162.00
Deborah Schiffer donated $162.00