(English & Yiddish) Weekly Raffle #3! 08/10/23

Post on: August 11, 2023

Special thanks to Shofar Expert, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Meisner for sponsoring a handcrafted artisanal SHOFAR for this week’s prize. Rabbi Meisner, who was featured twice in The New York Times (NYT1 NYT2), travels the world to find perfect ram horns that will make a beautiful and professional sound, and carves them in a way to make it easy to blow. The whole process is under 24-hour kosher certification, so you are guaranteed that there is no plastic or glue added during the transition from horn to shofar. Rabbi Meisner donated a shofar from his collection to be raffled off this week – ahead of the month of Elul, which starts next week when it’s customary to blow the shofar every day after morning prayer to the lead up of Rosh Hashanah. Rabbi Meisner wants to encourage you to become a weekly donor to feed the needy at Masbia.



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